Using the CRSB Marks

Communicating to consumers and the public regarding your company’s commitment to sustainable sourcing is an important component of building awareness of sustainable beef production in Canada. The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework provides a tool to enable you to communicate to your customers and the public about your sustainable sourcing commitments.

The CRSB has developed a series of Marks and sustainability claims to guide transparent and consistent messaging regarding sustainable beef production practices and sourcing of beef from CRSB Certified Operations, both through membership in the CRSB and by participating in the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework

CRSB members and beef industry stakeholders may use the CRSB Marks, depending on their role in the supply chain.  For each Mark, users must meet specific criteria, and enter into a licensing agreement with the CRSB.

CRSB Claims requirements and guidelines are outlined in the CRSB Communications, Claims and Labelling Guide.  If you are interested in making claims, either in marketing and communications materials or on-product, connect with your supply chain and contact us to see how the CRSB can support you.


Certification Mark
CRSB Certification Mark rgb

The CRSB Certified Mark is the symbol of the CRSB’s Certified Sustainable Beef Framework.  It is used to signify certification by beef producers and processors to CRSB’s Sustainability Standards and Chain of Custody Requirements.  It also helps companies making Product-Specific Claims about beef products originating from Certified Production and Processing Operations to communicate their commitment to sustainable sourcing with their customers.

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 Framework Trademark
crsb framework rgb v1A

The Framework Trademark may be used as an Off-Product Claim by companies and organizations that support the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework via a program fee in the following ways:

  • Framework Supporter
  • Sourcing Commitment

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CRSB Trademark
crsb vertical rgb

The CRSB Trademark is the organizational logo representing the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.  May be used by CRSB members to communicate their involvement in, and commitment to, beef sustainability in Canada along with the following optional statement:

We are/[company name] is a proud member of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and support(s) a commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability in the Canadian beef industry.

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