Framework Trademark

crsb framework rgb v1AThe Framework Trademark may be used as an off-product claim by companies and organizations that support the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework via a program fee, in the following ways:

  • Framework Supporter
  • Sourcing Commitment


Framework Supporter: Any company or organization wishing to drive advancement in sustainable beef production. 

Sourcing Commitment: A sustainable sourcing goal identified by a Company or Organization that is working towards building a supply chain that sources from CRSB-Certified Operations, but are not yet in a position to make Product-Specific Claims.  Companies making sourcing commitments are responsible for outlining clear goals and timelines for achieving them, with accountability to the CRSB through annual reporting on progress.


Support for the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is provided via a tiered program fee, based on annual revenue, as follows:

Annual Revenue

Annual Program Fee

<$2 Million $5,000 / year
$2 Million - $20 Million $10,000 / year
> $20 Million $15,000 / year

See section 2.2.1 of Communications, Claims and Labelling Guide for details.


The Framework Supporter Trademark is also used by CRSB-approved Certification Bodies and the CRSB's Oversight Body to help communicate their involvement in delivering the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework.

Click here for an overview of Framework Trademark use.