Certification Mark

CRSB Certification Mark rgbThe Certification Mark is the symbol of the CRSB’s Certified Sustainable Beef Framework.  It is used to signify certification to CRSB’s Sustainability Standards and Chain of Custody Requirements by beef producers and processors.  It also helps companies making Product-Specific Claims about beef products originating from Certified Operations and to communicate about their sourcing with their customers.

The Certification Mark may be used by CRSB-Certified Operations, by companies who have undergone a Chain of Custody audit, and companies making Product-Specific Claims, as outlined in the CRSB Communications, Claims and Labelling Guide.

Companies making Product-Specific Claims and using the CRSB Certification Mark are subject to an annual program fee of $25,000. 

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What is a Product-Specific Claim?

Any CRSB Claim that may be made on Product Packaging, as well as in other marketing and advertising tools or company communication materials, in relation to a specific product.


Chain of Custody Models

The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework allows for three different ways for beef to be sourced through the supply chain; companies interested in sourcing and marketing beef may select whichever model best fits their objectives and supply chain.  Available CRSB Claims associated with each sourcing model vary – see section 2.3.3 or Appendix A of Communications, Claims and Labelling Guide for details.


CRSB Certification Mark rgb

Identity Preservation: Beef can be linked back to the original CRSB-Certified farm or ranch where the cattle were raised.

Segregation: Beef from CRSB Certified Operations is kept separate from beef from non-certified operations.  100% of the beef in an individual product is from Certified Operations.

*both of the above models use the Certification Mark


crsb massbalance rgb

Mass Balance: Physical mixing or blending of beef sourced both from Certified Operations and non-certified operations is allowed during processing; incoming and outgoing quantities are documented and controlled. 

To qualify for a mass balance claim, the company or brand line must source a minimum of 30% of its beef volume from CRSB Certified Operations.

* Because mass balance claims are used when a portion of the Company or brand line’s beef may be sourced from Certified Operations, this Mass Balance Certification Mark must be used when making mass balance claims.


Why allow a mixed sourcing model? 

The mass balance model is an internationally-recognized sourcing model that allows for a starting point to help companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, while building critical volume within their supply chains to source product from Certified Operations.


The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is an ISEAL subscriber. ISEAL subscribers are organisations and individuals who commit to the ISEAL mission to strengthen sustainability standards systems for the benefit of people and the environment, and confirm that none of their activities or the activities of their subsidiaries or parent companies run counter to the ISEAL mission or vision. There are no compliance requirements for ISEAL subscribers.