Get Certified

Want to demonstrate your sustainability to have the opportunity to sell product into a certified supply chain?

If you are a beef producer or primary processor, you can have your farm, ranch, backgrounding operation, feedlot or primary beef processing facility certified against the Sustainable Beef Production Standard or Sustainable Beef Processing Standard.


Certification Process

There are several steps to the certification process:

certification process

Click here for detailed processes in each of the steps above.


Certification Bodies approved by the CRSB will be the main point of contact for beef producers (cow-calf, backgrounder and feedlots) and beef processors (primary processing facilities) wishing to become certified within the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework. The CRSB has recently released the process for approving certification bodies and will be going through the approval process in early 2018 – check back often for a list of approved certification bodies or contact us.

In the meantime, if you are a producer or processor, you can prepare for the audit process by learning about the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework and review the CRSB resource database on materials/programs that may assist you in a successful audit.


Resources for a successful audit

Producers and processors can find all of the documents regarding the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework Standards and Certification Processes on our Resources Page, and in the blue boxes at the bottom of each page.  

*Standards are currently available in both English and French; we are working towards translations of other pertinent framework documents.

In addition to the Framework documentation the CRSB has compiled a collection of outside resources (links to tools, programs, information) that may assist you in preparation for a successful certification audit. The resources are categorized by the five Principles of Sustainable Beef, and located under Resources (top menu).