Mission & Purpose


The mission of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is to drive the advancement and recognition of beef sustainability in Canada through a world class operation-level certification program.



The purpose of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is multi-faceted.

  1. Consumer interest in supporting sustainable food systems is growing;

  2. The agriculture supply chain is interested in sharing scientifically robust information with an increasingly removed consumer;
  3. Retail and food service companies are grappling with balancing the needs of various stakeholders

At the same time, NGO’s are keenly interested in supporting sustainable agriculture systems and ensuring high standards of animal care.


Given these numerous factors, the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework was developed with multiple purposes in mind:

  • Advancing beef sustainability in Canada
  • Recognizing leadership and best practice within the industry
  • Ensuring a consistent, robust and meaningful definition of sustainable production in Canada
  • Avoiding duplication of efforts to define and verify sustainable operations
  • Supporting supply chains interested in making meaningful sustainable sourcing commitments and subsequent communications
  • Enabling consumers to purchase sustainably sourced product, and 
  • Supporting the understanding of sustainable beef production in Canada 



Implementation of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is guided by the following principles:

CSB credible icon Credible to all stakeholders securing trust through robust assurances, transparency, inclusivity and vigorous scientific review
 CSC effective icon Effective in driving the advancement and understanding of sustainable beef production
 CSB economically viable icon  Economically viable for the CRSB to manage and stakeholders to use
 CSB valuabel icon  Valuable to industry participants and consumers
 CSB aligned icon


Aligned with the Five Principles of Sustainable Beef as set by the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

5 Principles

*Note there is no significance in the order of the principles


Wherever possible, the CRSB has followed the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling (ISEAL) Standard-Setting and Assurance Codes to ensure good practices are followed throughout the framework development process. The CRSB is currently a subscriber to ISEAL, which is an initial step to full membership commonly used by programs in their early development stages.