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Wondering how to get involved?

If you are a customer, farmer/rancher, processor, retail or food service, auditor or certification body you can get involved in the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework. Check out the links below to get started.



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In October 2017, a pilot project was launched to help develop the processes and infrastructure required to implement the CRSB Certified Framework. Spearheaded by Cargill, the Certified Beef Sustainability Acceleration (CBSA) pilot tracks live cattle and beef from Certified Operations through an audited supply chain.  In partnership with Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) and BIX Systems, with support from both retail and foodservice operations such as Loblaws, McDonalds, Swiss Chalet & Original Joe's, and most recently, Cactus Club Restaurants, the CBSA Pilot encourages industry participation, in part, by providing financial credits for producers.  

To enroll in the pilot and become eligible for financial credits, follow three easy steps:

  1. Get trained and audited by either Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) or Where Food Comes From, Inc.
  2. Sign up for BIXS – and even if you already have an account, be sure to enable BIXS to share your information 
  3. Age-verify or move-in your cattle either through the CCIA's Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) or BIXS

Once your cattle is verified to have come through Certified Operations across the supply chain, you will be eligible for credits shared equally among all members of the supply chain on a per head of cattle basis.

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